Final Paper

Final paper


Click Visions of sound to view my Thesis draft 2.

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  • Properly referencing previous writings
  • Add or describe in detail, the projection set up.
  • Express my feelings about the results of experimenting with the final setup – how you take the audio clip, manipulate it, and use it as a file to cut into the wood.Do you think the result is successful? does it actually communicate something about the underlying interview?  Is there any carryover of the subject into the final piece?
  • Show the step by step derivation of the piece starting with the words spoken, then the sound wave diagram, then the inversion, then the circular version, then the file submitted to the cutter, then finally the cut piece, and then the final assembly.

Click Visions of sound to view  my Thesis draft 1.

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  • Picking up right where you ended with the question of the final material.
  • You should go wild thinking about the formula:   BLM (input content)  > AUDIO > CONVERSION/ALGORITHM > LASER > BLANK MATERIAL
  • Go though a broad range of possibilities for the blank material and think through how the material would change the final piece: for example: bone, new wood v old wood, pieces of a house, skull, meat, tar, leather, concrete.
  • Describe in full technical and aesthetic detail your conversion system from audio to physical form, inc all coding etc.
  • Include transcripts of many of the interviews’ most interesting excerpts, and have the full files in an appendix.
  • Express more of my opinion on what  political art is, when do you find it effective, and how it is effective (if it is), and also how you, as a modern Nigerian woman with experience living in the West, see Nigerian traditional art, and what your relation is to it, and whether the relation it is supposed to have had to traditional society is something you think contemporary art should generate in relation to contemporary society.


My Thesis  Writing packet from the previous semester (Fall 2015)