Current Mockup

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.06.32 PM

1. A small room or space (preferably all white)     √

2. A desk/ table (preferably white) at waist length  x

3. Individual white pedestal   (LXW- 48 x 13″)    √

4. Clear display case  (LXH- 18 x 13″)  √

5. A projector   √

6. A mac mini / media player to load projections

7. Headphone set

8.  Min 2 electricity outlets.  √

9.  An over-head spot/harsh lights for illumination.

10. Parabolic sound projection speakers.


The installation experience is designed to be seen by 4-5 people max. The audience will be guided into the space and see the encased sculpture against a wall.  The visitor will be able to walk up and interact with the piece freely for as long as they want. There will be posters of the four participants hung on the wall , and my abstract and artist statement as well as business cards, pictures and other info, placed on a small desk if need be.


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