User Scenarios.

Shana Bea | 25 years old | Black female  | Houston Texas | Student.Samantha Cruiz  | 24 years old | Spanish female | New york | Student.
Shana had just arrived in Newyork a few weeks ago to spend her summer break with her friend who lives in Brooklyn, Samantha. Samantha had heard about the Thesis exhibition show being held at Parsons the New school in May, from a flyer she had seen around the school’s campus and had invited Shana to tag along.

So the day of the event, both Shana and Samantha take the elevator up to D12, where the event was being held. Upon arrival to the floor, they were both in awe and pretty excited about what they were seeing. Drones hovering about the place, huge screens with colorful displays, Tech whiz’s trying to organize their clunky gadgets, the commotion, and the energy oozing from the floor had Shana and Samantha ecstatic. They began exploring the installations one by one.

They arrived at a small room located in the far back of D12 which was dimly lit with a strobe light, the strobe light was shining harshly on what seemed to be like four objects enclosed in glass. They walked towards the table where the objects were placed, in utter curiosity. Upon getting closer, Shana says “oh they each have iPads” Samantha inspects the 60″ table as if  something was going to appear at any moment. They both saw four pieces of very abstract sculptures, propped up on what looked like purple velvet cushions, trapped within glass cases. There were also three small incisions made at the side of each glass case as if by accident. Each object was accompanied with its own iPad, a pair of headphones and little tags that had quotes on them. Shana surveyed the tags and stopped at one of them which read “lives should never be taken lightly, all lives matter, even black lives as well” This resonated with Shana as she is a black activist who has been in all types of debates, movements, interviews surrounding the black lives matter movement and every time she heard people advocating with the all lives matter campaign, she got irked by it. So she decided to pick up the speakers to take a listen. She stared at the sculpture for a few mins, unsure of what was going to happen or how it was going to happen, her eyes looked around the desk once more and looked at the iPad in front of it. she tapped on the screen which came on and showed a play button. She tapped on the play button and adjusted her headphones. Samantha had noticed the screen lit up and was also curious about what was going to play. Both were fixated on the screen. They first see a bust of a young African woman, her name was Ema as it appeared on the screen. She was sitting in a white room conversing with someone off screen talking about why she thinks black lives matter.

The screen transitioned to sonic waves that reflected the woman’s voice, which then showed the image of the object that sat in front of them Samantha uttered “oh that’s cool” Shana nodded in agreement. “I wonder if there’s an artist statement or something,” said Samantha as she looked across the table where she saw stacks of papers. She quickly ran over to where the papers were and read through the briefing carefully, before enlighting Shana about what they were viewing. Samantha moved on to interact with the next object and this time, brought out her phone to record the screen. “This is really cool stuff, I wonder why they dimmed the lights, though, would have been better if this was more open with the rest of the projects on the floor, these feel kinda secluded,” she thought. Shana had just finished listening to two of the pieces when she spotted a camera in the corner of the room, She tapped Samantha on the shoulder pointing out the sort of hidden camera and gasped “looks like they are recording us” They both strike poses, afterwards picking up the business cards that were sprawled in the corner of the table and looking around the room one more time. The artist of the piece decided not be in the room with the audience as they were interacting with the sculptures. Shana and Samantha then briefly critiqued the installation. “I definitely see this in Moma or something, in fact, it should be in MoMA, we need more creative ways people can be aware of the black lives movement, even if it’s not direct, but being aware is good right?” asked Shana. “well, to be honest i don’t know if these enlighten people on the whole matter, but I like that it’s sort of a comment on it, or rather the artists comment on the whole matter. I still don’t know what side she for though haha.” says Samantha.

They both decided to continue to explore D12 and the cool projects that were on display.



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