My thesis abstract by Shakti

 Visions of Sound

Visions of sound is a series of 3D objects that explore how sound can be manifested in physical form. How can people’s opinions and matters on #AllLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter be observed in a way that can be physically compared? People’s personal stories and opinions will be gathered through qualitative interviews held with a diverse group of people from all walks of life. The soundwaves from certain stories will be used to generate 3D models which will then be 3D printed. The project is an exploration on how sound waves can be translated into physical manifestations, and how stories can be explored through a physical form.

The project aims to give people an opportunity to visually compare stories and to tell stories on opinions and matters. How can we physically represent what other people are thinking when speaking about a topic? and how can 3d fabrication be used as a way to build that physical object in a way that is data generated? It is also a further exploration on whether these objects can be a means to bridging language barriers. The personal motivations for this project stem from the curiosity in 3D fabrication and the ability to creating something on a 2D platform and make it come alive. The physical printed objects are intended to be displayed in a traditional museum display; in the backdrop, the videos of the interviewees will be set to play on repeat. The goal is for the viewers to interpret the art however they would like to.


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